Can you reach the top? Tap space or click the mouse to jump onto platforms. You have just 60 seconds to reach the top. Sounds simple? Give it a go and see if you can get a perfect 3 star score on each level.

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Tagsclimber, frustrating, fun, jump, Simple, square, tower, xanderwood, yellow


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Coins added (they don't do anything yet, but can you collect all 48?) Also slow motion button added. Final stage now has lighting effects.

Update: all 48 levels now complete. Sound on/off option added. Drag animation added when in water.

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Updated with playable tutorial level and new 'slow motion' game mechanic

12 new levels now available. 12 new skins and diamond rewards for earning 3 stars on a level.

Update with sound Fx, level music and unlockable skins will be out soon.