Short Cuts Lawn Mowing Academy

Welcome to the Short Cuts Lawn Mowing Academy, your first step on the road to a garden-scaping dream career. We'll teach you everything you need to know to become a professional lawn alteration specialist. 

Watch the devlog on the making of this game.

Made for the What-a-jam game jam, hosted by Whateep, May 2021. Check out Whateeps awesome YouTube channel

All the music in the game is available to buy on my page. If you use construct 3, you can also buy the source code and recreate the game yourself.

Get all my music, source files and game assets for free by becoming a patreon.

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Made withConstruct
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Seems the fuel tank isn't connected to delta time, meaning the game is impossible on a higher fps pc. Nice voiceover though

hey Spacespy, thanks for stopping by.  Yes I didn't factor in delta time for the fuel tank. A complete oversight on my part 👨‍🎤 I'll fix it soon a re-upload the game.

Really cool idea! Graphics and sound were great. Humour is a definite highlight. The voice over really adds a lot. Also the tutorial was greatly appreciated and thematically appropriate.

Call me a sociopath but I found murdering the bunnies extremely satisfying, the blood trail was great! Can't wait for the bunny murdering sequel.

The only constructive criticisms I have are that sometimes the controls felt like I got stuck on edges? And I realize that making split second turns is part of the game but I feel when you're trying to find the best shortcut it may be best if the controls were more like an ice level in a video game. Like where you can't switch direction until you stop, so you can think out your next move.

Great entry and nice job Xander :D

Hey, thanks for the comment Jet Simon. Appreciate the feedback. Those bunnies are evil and deserve to be killed LOL. The controls feel a bit 'sticky' because  I set them up to be able to only turn left of right when moving preventing a 180 degree turn. If you stop against a wall this can seem a little tricky though, I did feel that while play testing but decided to leave it as it was :) 

I like the idea of not being able to switch direction until you stop but that would require me to think out the level design a lot better :) 

Did you manage to beat the game in the end?

Yes it took a few tries but I got it :)

Nice! Thanks for playing. I'll be checking out your entry today :)

Great game idea, I very nearly made a lawnmower game as well

thanks Rich. What did you go with?

a top down space racing game, but not sure I'm going to get it finished for the jam but may work on it after

good luck bud

I am very sorry that you don't make videos on YouTube anymore, I was always following you, it's a real shame

I'm just taking a break. I'll be making videos again next month