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This is a step by step tutorial consisting of 16 individual lesson using the Construct 3 game engine. I will be making more tutorials on a variety of different game genres, so if you like what you see then please subscribe so you don't miss future content.

Credit: Joshua Mclean for his amazing musical talents: https://joshua-mclean.itch.io/

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Pretty challenging! Fall damage, spikes and goomba's that shoot bullets. I felt like the bombs weren't that adequate of a weapon. Timing and placement had to be precise and the damage radius was very small. Limited bombs made it even harder. I think I would have liked this better if the enemies could only fire horizontally on the very first level.

I got about halfway through level 2. 

Being able to play in browser is always nice. 

The platformer mechanics were pretty standard, but solid. I didn't encounter any bugs or anything. 

Do you have any plans for tutorials in Unity or Unreal Engine? 

Hi thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the game is pretty basic. I pretty much wanted to cover the basic in my tutorial series. I dont use Unity or Unreal, but learning Unity is on my to-do list, so when I get comfortable with it I'm sure I will do some tutorials.