Welcome to Pinball Golf, A game with Balls!

Can you complete the front 9 in under par for the course? The less shots you take the higher your score will be. Watch out for traps and hazards. Gain a score multiplier by complete the level faster!

Made for the Blackthorn Prod Game Jam, theme; LESS IS MORE.

You can watch the making of Pinball Golf Devlog on my YouTube Channel.

If anyone wants a score to try an beat, here is my best attempt.

Watch the Devlog


  • Art and programming - Xanderwood
  • Level Music was made by my Dad (Thanks Dad).
  • Sound FX - The Essential Retro Video Game Sound FX Collection (Downloaded at the start of the Jam).
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
TagsGolf, Pinball, Point & Click


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Playtime 158, 194 Clicks, par 227. 

Really enjoyed this! Though the slimy hands that grab the ball seem to really slow down the gameplay. Then agian its not like I was taking time with my shots as I was clicking like crazy.

Also your dad rocks the soundtrack was amazing! (Would've been nice to have a volume slider though!)

Great work!


ah great idea with the volume slider. I will add in options to change sound. Thanks for playing and I'll let my dad know the music was a hit. I have the playlist on my itch page to download for £3. Or I have a patreon page and for £3 per month you get access to all the music he creates to use royalty free. Thanks for playing 👍👍

LOVING IT! The tutorial was really cool (the way you did it) and the switching balls is also a really nice feature!

thanks Luak Games. I really appreciate the kind comment :) Glad you enjoyed the game 

It's a really nice game for a game jam. Even if I did find some levels a bit odd.

Thanks buddy. It is an odd game, I agree :)

it was very fun! the sounds are great and it fits the theme ok

thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback :)

Total Play Time: 410

Total Clicks: 548,

Game Par: 227

Final Score: 0

seems about right.. :D

Quite nice game, smooth gameplay and I had fun most of the time. Only thing I found to be less than ideal: ball changing in P button, could be in right mouse button also, but that's just me. 

Overall: 4/5 :)

Thanks for playing. I've made some tweaks so the final score updates. You can also use right mouse now to change balls :