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UPDATE 31/01/2022

  • This is the first version of the demo of Orion's Throne. 
  • May still be buggy in parts
  • Some sound FX still missing
  • Autosaving is in place. 
  • Trophies/secrets not yet programmed in.
  • Bio pages not complete.
  • Journal not complete yet.
  • Please report any bugs


The game progresses as such:

Beat level 1 -> go to level 2A
Fail level 1 -> go to level 2B

Fail either of level 2 A or B and you'll need to restart. Both level 2A and B are beatable. 


You don't need to reed the previous updates - unless you really want to :)


UPDATE: 24/11/2021

  • Level 1 and both of the alternate level 2s are now playable.
  • Enemies added to level 2B.
  • Grapple Hook added.
  • Skip intro button added.
  • Journal updates based on your story path.

Known Bugs: Some sound FX aren't added yet. Elements of pause menu not yet added. Pria and Cowboy bio page still under construction. May be some bugs with the weapon vending system. Climbing ladders on level 2B shows the wrong animation. I'm currently adding delta time upgrades to certain areas as the game was running at inconsistent speeds on different computers, some areas may be too fast or too slow until this is 100% fixed. Objective updated prompts may be buggy. 

Please report any other bugs.


UPDATE 04/07/2021 - and known bugs

  • Level 2 A is playable and winnable. If you die on level 2A you will need to reload the game from the beginning. 
  • All items now show in inventory with description.
  • Sleeping guard section still incomplete.
  • All overlapping sprites are fixed - I think.
  • You can now shoot while standing over guards.

Any additional bugs - please let me know. 

UPDATE 03/07/2021 - and known bugs.

  • Level 2 A is playable and winnable. If you die on level 2A you will need to reload the game from the beginning. 
  • Some items in level 2A do not show in the inventory when you collect them.
  • Item descriptions on level 2A do not show yet. 
  • Certain interactions in the officers lounge do not work yet.
  • Sleeping guards do not attack when woken - yet.
  • Some sprites in level 2A overlap in the wrong places.
  • Floor guns aren't always spawning.
  • You can't shoot when standing over a KO'd guard.

UPDATE 11/04/2021

  • Moon Racer now has music and sound FX
  • Bug fix with Guard Interactin (Tazer now correct length) 

UPDATE 10/04/2021

  • New graffiti scene and guard interaction
  • Moon Racer now playable (but a little buggy, so if one of the AI cars stops you can exit the mini game by pressing ESC)
  • Spelling errors corrected
  • Sound levels have been tweaked slightly
  • When you die or get caught by a camera you no longer lose all your progress, you simply go back to the start but keep everything you've unlocked already
  • Level 2A added if you can complete level 1 by inputting the password.

PLEASE NOTE: Level 2A is still in early development so a lot of things are still not working yet. It is playable to a degree just don't pause the game or you may get put back to level 1 on unpausing :) 

UPDATE 05/03/2021

  • Web build now available but may be laggy
  • Doors Open Faster when you approach them
  • Second level added (work in progress)  if you complete level 1 with the password. 
  • Do not pause the game in level as you will be stuck on the black fade out screen. 

UPDATE 05/02/2021

  • New opening sequence (not finished yet, stays on door screen too long)
  • New sound FXs for drones
  • New animation on Pria's health bar when you increase your health with coffee or candy
  • New drone added to service area in bottom right of map
  • new map screen
  • new employee notice boards added
  • new dialogue opportunity when approaching laser beam windows
  • some changes to dialogue interactions
  • Space attack removed from all but 1 CPU terminal

UPDATE: 30/01/2021

  • Music added but not fully implemented in all aspects of the game so there will be bugs. 
  • Some sound FX added
  • Voice over added for opening scene

If you experience any lag please let me know, also if you download the game and play full screen you may need to press Control/Alt/Delete to close the game. 


Updated build. Bugs fixed with teleporting back to the CPU terminal 1 when using CPU terminal 2. 

  • Pixel art font added.
  • more interactions with environment added
  • dialogue triggers permanently removed after interactions to stop repeated dialogue.
  • Option to interact added rather than auto interact when near POI

pause menu and objectives still not added yet and items don't show in the inventory yet.  The level is beatable if you manage to figure out the password. 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreRole Playing


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