Minima 2 - The Other Side.

Made for the Geo Jam, hosted by Icoso.  Theme: The Other Side

I created Minima 2 as a tribute to the original game made by Icoso. The concept for the game is, your tiny square (now called Geo Cube) has been teleported to an alternate dimension (the other side) and must navigate his way through 10 levels to find the portal home. However, when dimension cross over you'll discover that the moves you make effect both dimensions.

Play the original Minima game by Icoso here:

All the music from the game is available on my itch page, you can get access to all my game assets, music and game code by becoming a Patreon

The making of this game devlog will be available on my YouTube Channel once the jam ends.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, Puzzle-Platformer


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So frustrating...perfect for a rage game lol

Awesome concept for a game but it's quite tricky. I struggled to get past room 5.


Keep trying Skeffles you'll beat it LOL :) thanks for checking it out.

Fun and challenging game that will mess with you. Some levels are punishing but its all very beatable if you use the right strategy :)

thanks my man. Appreciate the comment and well done on beating the game.

The concept of this game is awesome! It really fits "The Other Side" theme well :) I am so impressed by your music as well, well done!

thanks buddy. Did you manage to make it back from the other side?

I got stuck on level 7! :(


I see. That's a shame.  The ending is really good if you can get there.