This game was made in 1 hour for the 60 minute game jam.  Don't judge me... 

The game concept is based on WarioWare.  You must quickly figure out what to do in each mini game with minimal prompts or instructions. if you fail your anger level increases. At the end of the game you'll be given an anger score based on how well you did. 

NOTE: This game has bugs, not your average bugs but big annoying stupid bugs that make bad games worse and terrible games unplayable, press play at your own risk. 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct
Tags2D, wario, warioware


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I like the sound track in this game :)

Had absolutely no clue what to do on that first level LOL! Got figured out though. Nice job for 60 minutes!

Haha thanks Marlin. 60 mins was brutal. My devlog is scheduled for Wednesday if you want to laugh at my failings.

Great little mini games, that first level was really frustrating though lol. Nice work in the time

Thanks. I bet you flew through the second 2. They were easy by comparison 😂 definitely needs balancing and more levels to be fun.

Awesome job for one hour. My anger meter was going off the charts on the first level as I had no idea what to do. Worked it out eventually :)

Thanks. I was thinking of doing this or a quiz style psych evaluation based on the ink blot test but I choose this as I though it would be easier 🤣 glad you figured it out. I purposely didnt want to include instructions as that was part of the anger meter idea.

Dude I love Wario Ware I have a small game coming up based on it lol!!!

It's a bit glitched as you can't see all the text in my browser but I think that, for being made in 60 minutes, this is a solid entry!


Haha thanks bud. I am definitely not used to being under such time pressure 😂