Crossy Kitty

I made this game for the chain letter Jam that was started by Miziziziz. I was nominated by TheShelfman and had to make a game that was inspired by his game:

Cross the road and collect the letters to make up the word FAST before the timer runs out... it's harder than it seems.

All the music for this game was taken from my music asset packs: Browse the collection here. 

If you want to see how I made the game you can purchase the game bundle here. It includes all the music, art and source file you need to recreate the game. 

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I beat make me cry on first try


haha no way! I couldn't even beat that level. Great effort!

the biggest problem is the camera, its hard to see what is in front of you.

yeah on the way back for sure. I need to move it so it shows more of the path ahead.

i bet the camera would be better if the cat was always in the middle of the screen with no delay, just snaps to the cat every frame.

Yeah I think you are right.

can you make that an option?

Yeah I will do

Made a video

nice, enjoyable game to play. nice music - very C64-ish. like it.


Thanks man, just put the bundle together so you'll be able to snoop around the code when you download it :)