A downloadable soundtrack

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11 Royalty free tracks, 26 stings and 37 sound fx to use in your indie games & projects. Available as a single purchase or you can get access to all my music, game assets (and future releases) by becoming a Patreon.

11 Music tracks (including original saloon piano loop).
26 Stings (short, medium and long mixture).
37 Sound FX typical of the old west.

Sound FX List

  1. Cavalry Bugle
  2. Church Bells
  3. Dog Bark
  4. Dynamite 1
  5. Dynamite 2
  6. Gallop 1
  7. Gallop 2
  8. Fast Gallop
  9. Gunshot (10 x variations)
  10. Horse Trott
  11. Horse Whinney
  12. Indian War Drums
  13. Indian Warcry
  14. Laugh (3 x variations)
  15. Mission Bell
  16. Punch FX (5 x variations)
  17. Scream FX (5 x variations)
  18. Scream Shot
  19. Thunder Clap
  20. Whip Crack
  21. Wind Ambiance

Looking for more assets and music?

You can gain access to all my work on Patreon for a small monthly pledge.  


Once purchased you can use the music in any way you like without having to leave a credit. Although all credits are greatly appreciated. 


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Music Tracks.zip 159 MB
Stings.zip 73 MB
Western FX.zip 34 MB


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I think this is the best one yet! Great job :)

thanks. Yeah I'm trying to create more value with each one.