Made for the VimJam Game Jam September 2020. 

Theme: There and Back & Collectibles

Can you help save a local arcade owner? A crazy game dev has kidnapped 16 of the best loved video game characters and trapped them inside a video game in 1984! Journey back to 1984, play the video game and return with all 16 characters to save the arcade!

All artwork/coding made by me for this game during the Jam period. Sound credit: and also some creative common licence effects from


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Oh my lord I love this game. Fantastic plot, great retro arcade. Smash TV clone very well done!

Sending this to my brother. Great work.

❤ thanks for playing and taking the time leave a comment, glad you enjoyed it ❤

Oh man, the memories of Smash TV came flooding in! One of my all-time favorites from my childhood. The theme had me laughing and grinning the entire time. I like the idea of collecting the arcade characters on top of already collecting power-ups. MWG was a great touch as well. I love your pixel art for this game too. Perhaps the element I was impressed most with (mechanics-wise) was the gradual increase in difficulty while maintaining such a simple pick-up-and-play style of game. No learning curve, just dive right into the action. I think that was one of the appealing features of Smash TV. As of writing this, I got as high as 13/16. So, now I have to go back and collect all 16.

Thanks Marlin. 👍 It's a challenging game. It took me a few attempts to beat it myself. Thanks for the comment and for playing. The game mechanics were pretty simple to put together so I was able to dedicate a large part of the Jam time to making art and a tile set. 

Let me know when you want to do the YouTube video thing. I am hosting a gam jam on 23rd Oct so will be busy for about 2 weeks making videos for that. I do have a week free beginning or November that could work though.


Fun game! Good visuals and sound and fun, addictive gameplay.

I like the depth you get with all the different powerups even for a relatively simple game. I think the difficulty curve was good, though getting repeated characters past a certain point was a little frustrating.


I agree. The pick ups respawn randomly. I ran out of time to make the spawning more progressive and intuitive.  

This game was incredible! The music and art fits the game so well.  I personally loved the tutorial section a lot.  It was very clean and to the point.  Good work!

Thank you so much for the kind comments.

Very nice game!

It was a bit too hard for me (i am really bad at top-down-shooter games), but i still enjoyed it even tough i didn't finish.

Very cool game you got here!

Thanks for playing. It's fast and frantic I agree :)

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Hi Thanks for the feedback, I did consider that I was using copyrighted content but as I was never intending to sell or make any money from the game I figured it'd be ok. I considered it a tribute to the great games of the past :)

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The game was amazing! The music  is incredible, the art was also great but I think the only thing to make better is the animation of the character outside of the arcade, and maybe the transition to the 80's. Also the controls were confusing and there was a bug that you could fall into the wall. 

But overall the game was super fun and it is the best game I played so far in this jam!

It was hard but in a good way, I couldn't stop play. So THANK YOU!!!

ah amazing. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. I try to build all my games to encourage people to say... just 1 more try everytime they die. 

so you have succeed

Loved this game! The story is great, the intro well done and the game itself is very engaging!

If I had to change something I'd say make the movement a bit easier to control – I found it quite hard not to run into enemies... but maybe I'm just bad ;D

Great job! :)

thanks for the feedback. I think it would be easier with a gamepad but I agree.

I really like the pixel art and how lively the arcade felt, nicely done. I liked the time travel aspect as well, interesting use of going there and back. I was eventually able to get all 16 and it had my heart going a little bit when I realized I had to reach an exit without dying lol. It got a little difficult dodging the trucks shots once there was a lot of enemies but overall great game.

Amazing, glad you beat the game! It was sooooo much harder a few days ago as I didn't have a shield pick up and bomb pick up that killed enemies on screen. Since adding them it's become more beatable... but still hard so well done for completing it!

I really liked the intro sequence and thought I was going to be thrown into an 80's style side scroller beat 'em up. With the overworld and game cabinet idea it reminded me of Stardew valley and it's shooter minigame.

Best I got was 12/16 because I'm bad, but nice work!

Haha thanks. I definitely 'over-scoped' the game based on the 7 day time limit, plus due to work I missed out on 3 days. Glad you liked it. 

I did exactly the same :)) In the end I had 2 hours left to actually make the levels >.<
But this is really well done, anyway.

thanks :)