Android Negotiator

You're the best damn android negotiator there is and you are about to face your toughest test.  You have 5 android negotiating robots at your disposal and face a crazy android hell-bent on blowing up a building. You must use your androids to unlock clues through dialogue that will help you disarm the bomb.  Every time you fail you'll understand a little more of the situation.  This game was influenced by Detroit Become Human from Quantic Games. You can watch my devlog on how I made the game on my YouTube channel. 

Made for the Wowie Game Jam 3.0, Theme: Failure is Progress.


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very nice

thanks ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

:( sad

yep, thats the vibe I was going for. :) Thanks for playing

this is a good game the art just works the colors fit its a nice retro vibe a little short but over all a 4/5 in my opinion

amazing thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you liked it.

38 seconds is my record.

88 on first try, no deaths.

could've made it so a very important clue is locked behind a deathwall, though.

Yeah that's a great idea. 38 seconds is good. Did you find all the clues?

nah you really only need 2: the dudes name and that he feels abandoned. only because i cant find a way to skip the abandoned one.

also would you argue 'tisn't is a word? i say yeah cos it'isn'ot

and as one final thing until you reply

Thanks. Did I make a spelling error in the text? Sorry if that is the case. Is that a link to your website?

no. it's a link to the website of the best strategy-sandbox to ever be made.

This is a great game, but I ended up being able to beat it on the first try without losing any lives by picking all dialogue related to the owners. It would have been cool if you couldn't actually win on the first try and you actually had to use the extra lives so that the mechanic feels more important than just a lives counter. Great game though! This reminded me exactly of the opening to Detroit Becomes Human.


thanks XenonXYZ I definitely need to make it a bit harder. It took so long to map all the dialogue paths, by the time I'd realized you could beat it easily in the first turn it was too late to rewrite it. I'll probably change it and add other levels to it.


I like the colour palette, good audio, tension as to whether I make the right choice which is great for the theme

Amazing thanks for playing and thanks for the nice feedback


nice game. I like the main menue ;-)

thanks. I wanted to make the main menu interactive 

Yes. I realy like menues like this ;-)

I'm going to send this game to my wife. She loves puzzles like this! Thanks for making it. Great theme relevance, and the sounds and music seem to fit well.

Ah thanks I'd love to hear what she thinks.

i like your game its realy fun


I just beat the game and I really like all dialogue you added in! it made the game very enjoyable! Nice Work!!

Thanks buddy :