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Hi Romstar, I don't think this one does include local storage. But I have a tutorial on adding saving and loading a game on my YouTube channel that you may find useful. 

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Hey Xander, I try to buy most of your templates. I am in need of the following template which is a sliding bar that fluctuates back and forth, which you can customize upon player interaction to land somewhere in the range. The landing of the player interaction on the bar will allow you to haggle or set prices, or swing harder at an enemy, etc.  A example game that uses this at the following link below. If you can make this template, I will buy it surely and would appreciate a C2 and C3 version (capx as well)

hi, sure I can make this. I'll away at the moment so it'll be in a couple of weeks 

Can't wait. See you with the template. Cheers

sorry it took so long...

Awesome and thanks! I will contact you on Fiverr soon for a custom game.

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